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Which Electricity is Greenest?

Wind turbines in a field (reusable image from Wikipedia)

In October’s magazine, Which? reviewed 24 supposedly green energy suppliers. 9 supply 100% renewable energy to domestic customers;

Bulb, Co-operative Energy, Ecotricity, Eagle, Foxglove Energy, Good Energy, Green Energy, Green Star Energy, Octopus Energy, Pure Planet, So Energy, Tonik Energy and Yorkshire Energy.

Of these,

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The saddening truth about energy waste

Roger Martin, Chair of Population Matters, has written in with his response to our Energy Letter campaign.


The obvious forms of energy waste by shops that sadden me most are:

a) Automatic self-opening doors. Ever since doors were invented several thousand years ago in Mesopotamia or China,

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Green Deal ? Raw Deal !

In response to our Energy Letter campaign, David Penney offers his analysis of UK Government policy on energy conservation in buildings…and says that the Green Deal seems rather like a raw deal…

Government Policy on Energy Conservation in Buildings

According to the guidance issued for the Government National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) (2012) published by the Department of Communities and Local Government: “In 2009 buildings accounted for about 43% of all the UK’s carbon emissions.

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Energy Letter Campaign

We invite you to join our energy letter campaign.

If you visit an overheated shop, office, café, church or any public place we have prepared a letter template for you to send which asks them to lessen the environmental impact of their energy use and suggests ways they could do that.

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Harvest Festival Address and Coal

by Revd Peter Grimwood

For a number of years I was a minister in County Durham and the chapels I served were located in what are known even today as “pit villages”. That is to say the entire economy of each place rested on one thing;

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How Good is Insulating your Loft?

Article for December Parish Magazine

How Good is Insulating your Loft?

If you’ve ever measured your carbon footprint you will know that keeping your home warm in winter makes up a large chunk of it.  So pretty much anything you do to cut down on heating fuel will make a big difference to your contribution to climate change.

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