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Bus-Stop Theology

Sandra Dustson wrote this poem several years ago, and used it as a basis for a house-group discussion on “Bus Stop Theology”. Enjoy reading the poem and the discussion at the end.


The bus station
Is the starting point
Social injustice

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Growth Without End or World Without End

One of Green Christian’s keenest policy analysts, Phil Kingston, has looked at the New Climate Economy Report, and has sent in these notes which are recommended reading.

The New Climate Economy Report (September 2014) was produced by The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate,

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Bicycle v Motorised Transport Race for World Environment Day

CEL member John Guillebaud is orgnising an event on world Environment Day (5 June). It is a competition between cyclists (himself on a Brompton.. and friends)  a runner and motorised transport

It is to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Environment Time Capsule, Kew Gardens, Thursday 5th June 2014 from 1630.  

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Does every little help?

If everyone does a little, we’ll achieve only a little. We must do a lot. 

David MacKay in Sustainable Energy — Without the Hot Air

recycling at airportWhile walking through Gatwick airport the other day – to stay at a hotel close to my trial in Brighton,

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A view of the CEL ecocell travel workshop, 12 Jan 2013 from Martin Davis

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Enable your old (and young) friends to get out on nature trips

Taking old people on nature trips

Old people often cannot drive as they did when younger and cannot walbird hidek long distances. Enjoying nature – looking at views, wild flowers, birds etc is one of the happiest things to do.

Why not arrange a short nature walk for your old friends and contacts.

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From A to B? Or making A a good place to Be? (Publicity)

A workshop on sustainable transport

– and minimising the need for travel in the first place   (Advert)

Who for

  • members of Christian Ecology Link and its ecocell programme
  • all who are interested in sustainable transport and in viewing it from a faith perspective

Saturday 12th January 2013,

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ecocell 2 day Jan 2012 – some advance thinking on travel

Some thoughts from Richard and Nicky Kirton

The road not travelled…to misquote the title of a best selling book…!

Making sustainable transport choices starts with an appreciation for the locality in which God has placed us to live and worship. As we appreciate and value our local environment,

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