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Charity Bank launches new ethical account in Good Money Week for charities and churches.

To coincide with Good Money Week Charity Bank has launched a new ethical bank account aimed at charities, churches and socially-responsible organisations. As with all Charity Bank products, money saved by customers is used by the Bank  to provide loans to support the work of charities and social enterprises across the UK.

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Plastic Reductions – Article for Parish Magazines

Barbara Echlin writes:

Some items are made up of different materials such as the pringles package.

Some items are easily recycled – , such as the plastic bottle of drinking


water, but the sheer number of them we are using is mind-blowing.

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European Christian Environment Network (ECEN): Helsinki: June 2016: Topic: Water: over 80 participants from 23 countries

European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN) – 11th Assembly, Helsinki – June 2016

Water in a Sustainable Future 

(See ECEN’s own Report)

Martyn Goss of Exeter Diocese Church and Society writes:

 “Let justice roll down like waters” (Amos 5:24)

“Water connects public health,

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Water and Lent from the World council of Churches

 During the seven weeks of Lent the Ecumenical Water Network (EWN) focuses on the theme “economy of water” in its Seven Weeks for Water campaign, inspiring churches to pray, reflect and act together for local and global water justice.

The Seven Weeks for Water will begin on 20 February and will be approaching World Water Day and Maundy Thursday with special resources produced for this event.

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