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Author: Editor 1 | Date: 25 January, 2021 | Category: Action Bible Studies | Comments: 0

See four Lent courses written for 2021 plus several more recommended from earlier years

Write a Prayer

Author: Editor 1 | Date: 19 December, 2020 | Category: Action Prayers | Comments: 2

Closing Date: 8 January. As our contribution to the Show the Love campaign Green Christian is seeking a prayer we can ask churches to use in their worship services on Sunday 14th February. Could you write a prayer?

A Laudato Si’ confession

Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 10 December, 2020 | Category: Climate Emergency Prayers Worship Materials | Comments: 0

An act of contrition A meditation on passages in Laudato Si’ Let us listen to the cries of our ‘Sister,…   Read More >

Sitting among the ashes – Green Christian workshop

Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 8 October, 2020 | Category: Borrowed Time GC Events Prayers Talks | Comments: 2

This workshop took place on Wednesday 7 October.  As someone who has long lived with some degree of eco anxiety…   Read More >

Radical Presence – Green Christian Seven Session Course

Author: Paul Bodenham | Date: 20 September, 2020 | Category: Bible Studies Climate Emergency GC Events News | Comments: 17

A course of seven sessions to discuss “Where next?” after Coronavirus. Starts 1 November. Register now!

An example of GC News: 150: 5 Sept 2020

Author: Editor 1 | Date: 6 September, 2020 | Category: Action GC Events Hymns News | Comments: 0

Example of recent GC News email. Sign up (on the right) for to receive free GC News Emails 5 Sept…   Read More >

Climate Sunday launches across Britain and Ireland

Author: Editor 1 | Date: 4 September, 2020 | Category: Action Climate Emergency Worship Materials | Comments: 0

This is the Press Release issued by Climate Sunday on 4 September 2020 Marking the start of the annual season…   Read More >

Season of Creation

Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 8 August, 2020 | Category: Action Climate Emergency Worship Materials | Comments: 0

The Season of Creation, 1 September to 4 October, is a time to renew our relationship with our Creator and…   Read More >