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Plays that may be used for worship or other gatherings. Other worship materials: prayers, sermons, hymns and liturgies.

A New Reformation of the Economy

A Sketch

This sketch was written by Jim Green of Christian Climate Action for an action at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in December, 2017. It is sometimes performed at Green Christian On The Road events.

Martin Luther meets Pope Francis in London,

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 Change Greed to Green – Short play in verse

Suitable for  Service on Climate Change, The Environment etc.
  by Tom Hiscock.

Written in 2008 but just as relevant 10 years on…

(Though the story of the ozone levels has still not finished.)


The Leader:

Optional: A Group to interpret the first poem through Movement and Music,

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A Fossil Free Nativity (2014)


Fossil Free Nativity

Script by Westley Ingram

Song lyrics revised by George Dow, Simon Honey and Ben Rafferty.

This script is intended to be used in goodwill, for larking about, for struggles against principalities and powers and for purposes not commercial.

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Sketches by Westley Ingram

CEL member Westley Ingram wrote these three sketches for performing at Greenbelt 2011. They are based on some well loved comedy sketches. These are can be freely downloaded do let us know if you perform these.

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Don’t Dump Carbon (Puppet Show)

Download: Don’t dump Carbon, a Puppet Show

Operation Noah Day Puppet Show 

By Ruth Jarman

Lilly is eating and drinking snacks very noisily and throwing the packets and paper into the audience

Lilly: Isn’t life great? Don’t you think life’s great? (throwing another piece of litter into the audience)

Poppy enters

Poppy: What are you doing,

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Change Greed to Green, a play by Tom Hiscock

Download: Change Greed to Green

Tom’s play written in 2008 is a conversation between the narrator or leader and many members of the Pollution Family such as Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Industrial Waste, Deforestration to mention a few. Much of this is written in verse.

Carbon Dioxide says:
I’m Carbon Dioxide and I’m everywhere;

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Use Your Loaf Sketch

Download: Use your LOAF (sketch)

‘One Bread’ Service of Worship Resource Material

‘Use your LOAF’ Sketch


2 Actors, 1 Voice, Narrators.

Voice stand at back of church. Narrators come in from either side.

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