Respond to requests for information, advice, resources, comments, action, advertising etc.

The communications which the Information Officer should prioritise are those which 

  • respond to members’ enquiries and requests
  • send out information from CEL to others
  • respond to invitations for CEL to provide resources, stalls, speakers, interviews or articles, especially when those requests come from members, church groups, schools, and especially local and national radio, church press, and TV
  • respond to requests, or information, from related organizations e.g. Operation Noah, A Rocha, Eco-congregation, official church bodies
  • keep a written log of requests that come in the form of email, by post and by telephone which the Information Officer judges warrant action; and a log of action taken by post, email and telephone
  • Seek help from the Secretary, or, when she/he is unavailable, other members of CEL SC, where necessary in responding to requests

Dealing with unsolicited emails

  • Default position: No action.  CEL does not need to respond to what gets sent to us. It is not the role of the Information Officer to refer enquiries or invitations to SC. It is likely that anything important will be received by members of SC anyway.
  • An exception to the above default position would be if something comes in that looks like an opportunity for CEL. In that case forward to the Secretary instead of to all SC. If in doubt on whether to respond positively the Secretary will consult the Chair.
  • When in doubt forward the message to the Secretary for decision on what to do with it.
  • We will tell our members this is our policy. If they have an organization or an event its up to them to let the Information Officer, or a member of SC, know, and to tell us that they are members when they send something in.

Other Responsibilities

  • Keep a folder of all incoming complimentary printed information from groups (e.g. Student Christian Movement, Justice and Peace Network) and bring the folder for SC members to look at and take away at SC meetings. Anything not taken at SC meeting to be recycled.
  • Keep Membership Team informed of CEL members’ changes of address, cancellations, renewals, new memberships etc.
  • Keep Web Editor informed of news of relevant national and local events for the What’s On pages
  • Keep CEL Local Groups Co-ordinator informed of news from Local Groups
  • Complete general correspondence (e.g thank you letters for donations received)
  • Keep members informed via CELink of updates from email newsletters received from specified organisations: Operation Noah, Eco-congregation, A Rocha, JRI, Local Works, GM Freeze, Live Simply, ECCR and others as advised from time to time
  • Undertake such other similar tasks as may be requested by SC

Other duties as agreed in addition to the tasks in this job description

  • Other duties may be agreed from time to time for work to be paid for on a pro rata payment basis in addition to the regular five hours per week.

CEL Steering Committee Telephone Conference Calls

  • Attendance essential

CEL Steering Committee Meetings

  • It is helpful for the Information Officer to attend SC meetings in which case travel expenses would be paid

CEL Resources

  • Store a quantity of all CEL resources (leaflets, Green Christian magazine, Storm of Hope,  etc.) so as to be able to respond to requests for small amounts of materials
  • Refer requests for larger amounts (e.g. for a stall) to Resources Officer

Write a report for Steering Committee three times a year 

  • To include requests received, actions taken, and any other activities where appropriate

Do a quarterly account of expenses for reimbursement

  • For example, for postage, stationery, telephone and broadband (a percentage of total use)

The Information Officer contract is for a year, renewable, with a six month probation period for the first year.



Principal methods of assessment: CV (C); Letter of application (A); Interview (I); Written assignment (W)

Essential Desirable
  • Familiar with the environmental movement in churches and beyond (C, A, I, W)
  • Sympathy with the aims of CEL (C, A, I)
  • Able to work flexibly within the contracted hours (I)
  • Able to assess and respond resourcefully and personably to a wide variety of queries (I, W)
  • Able to work on own initiative with minimal supervision but seek advice where necessary (C, I)
  • Familiar with standard office IT software, (C, A, I)
  • Familiarity with spreadsheets (C, A. I)
  • Understanding of the role’s significance in representing and developing the reputation and effectiveness of CEL (A, I)
  • Able to identify and develop opportunities for campaigning, publicity, press and social media engagement (C, A, I, W)
  • Engaging style of written communication (A, W)

To express an interest in any of these roles, please send the following to secretary@christian-ecology.org.uk by the closing date of 12 October 2014:
Your CV (two pages would be helpful for the Information Officer role)
A few words to explain why you are interested in the role
An explanation of how you might be able to fulfil the elements of the person specification (no more than one page for each role)

Interviews for these roles will be held in London on Saturday 25 October. Travelling expenses can be reimbursed.



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