CEL signs Lausanne Call to Action

CEL has joined the growing number of organisations endorsing a worldwide challenge to Christians to take care for creation seriously.

Participants in the ‘Lausanne Global Consultation on Creation Care and the Gospel’ met in Autumn 2012 in Jamaica.  They gathered in the aftermath of the devastation visited on the Caribbean by Hurricane Sandy.  This gave the challenge a prophetic dimension which the organisers could not have foreseen.

The Lausanne Movement unites evangelical Christians in witness and mission to today’s world.  The five-day consultation drew together theologians, scientists, practitioners and others for bible study and discernment of what the Spirit is saying to the churches.

The result is a concise call to discipleship which Christians of all colours will find compelling.  For many CEL members it will be a source of renewed inspiration.  Although it’s meant primarily for local churches, it will encourage campaigners and activists that they are not alone. It opens new doors for promoting a biblical understanding of our place in creation, and practical discipleship on common ground with the green movement.

If you find yourself engaging with churches, and particularly evangelical Christians, on the environment, start here!



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