CEL Steering Committee : Email Decisions : July 2013 – October 2013

Christian Ecology Link is a small national charity, with officers and volunteers spread over a wide geographical area. The CEL Steering Committee meets face-to-face several times a year, but there is an ongoing need for communication, especially when it comes to decision-making, for example, strategic decisions about engagement with social and political campaigning and democratic processes. Over the last few years, CEL Steering Committee have adopted the practice of holding regular telephone conference calls. Work is divided into streams, and each group has members from the CEL Steering Committee and others who may be appropriate for the task at hand. These workstream groups meet as a group through a conference call at least once each reporting period. It can be hard sometimes to agree dates and times for workstream group calls, as people are busy. In addition, sometimes decisions are required in a timeframe shorter than the meeting cycle, and so CEL Steering Committee have taken up the practice of taking decisions by email. It was decided that it would be useful to post these decisions on the website.

What follows is a summary of decisions made by email in the period July to October 2013.

The Church of England Diocesan Environment Officer Conference, High Leigh, 17 – 18 October 2013: It was decided to make no more effort to get a CEL speaker, or representative at the autumn DEO conference. Instead we will send some CEL material with some DEOs who are CEL members.

Energy Saving Letter Campaign: It was agreed to encourage our members to send letters suggesting ways to save energy to premises in their area which are overheated.

Spring Steering Committee face-to-face meeting: It was decided our March SC meeting will be on Friday 28 March 2014 at Carrs Lane, Birmingham, the same venue where we are holding our March conference the following day.

Advertising: It was decided to send an advert for Christian ‘Retreats’ handbook as their 2014 theme is ‘Creation’.

It was decided to approve signing up CEL to support ‘Project Wildthing’.

It was decided that the CEL Chair should write a letter to Stephen Williams MP about the Sustainable Communities Act at the request of the Local Works campaign which CEL has long supported.

It was decided that CEL sign up to the SCC letter on re-instating a clean energy target in the Energy Bill as it goes through the Lords.



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