CEL 2013 Annual Members Meeting and Rule of Life

CEL held its AMM on 2 November at  St Aloysius Church, 20 Phoenix Road, Euston, London

Ruth Jarman was in the chair for the meeting, and introduced the 2013-2014 Steering Commitee.  Then Paul Bodenham, chairman for Steering committee raised highlights in the Annual Report


Above the Steering committee are standing up to introduce themselves


Below: A question is asked from the floor

cel-amm-20131102-sc-plunkett-1000There was a discussion of “Ways of Life ” or Rules of Life.  

Then the meeting divided into  6 groups of 5 for discussion. There were interesting discussions and the results were given to George Dow who  will later summarize them and raise key points.

There are no plans for CEL to have a “Rule of Life” yet .

Some newer people wondered what CEL Members “Signed up to” when they joined CEL.
In fact,  anyone can join – they do not have to be Christian or Green –  but most people joinbecause they supported Christian Ecology Link aims and activities.

One person asked  if CEL should have a mission statement or vision statement.  Steering Committee did write a vision statement in 2007 But first read CEL’s Aims –

CEL’s Aims are: (As stated on the About Page)

  • Offers insights into ecology and the environment to Christian people and churches.
  • Offers Christian insights to the Green movement

One lady (RP) suggested that the CEL leaflet “Nine ways to live gently on the earth” are good ideas to have in a rule.

In the Plenary  session Tim Cooper told people about the book which had just been launched yesterday: Living Lightly, Living Faithfully  Print copies cost £7,  electronic copies (in PDF, epub and mobi/Kindle formats) are being given for free. It is edited by Colin bell,  Jonathan Chaplin and Robert White. (And includes a chapter by Tim)

Here is a picture of some of the CEL Steering Committee meeting held in the morning.




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