Celebrate Creationtime 1 Sept – 4 Oct


1st September – 4 October is a special time to celebrate Creation – God’s Gift to us of the Natural World.

http://www.ctbi.org.uk/603    www.ecen.org      http://www.operationnoah.org/creationtime

Several  denominations start their “New year on 1st Sept. Many people are starting a new term at University or School. We also wish you a good start.

In 2012 the ecological foot print of everone on planet earth is One and a Half Earths. (approx)

We are using up resources faster than the earth can produce them. (e.g. using up oil which stores energy, losing more soil by erosion than is being formed, losing biodiversity as we use up all our land for cultivation. So just as the banks in most countries of the world are building up unsustainable debt, so we are producing ecological debt.

As we thank God in our Harvest Festivals for our harvest, so let us thank him for our our co-travellors on this planet:- the plants and the animals; and for our children to come who will live in a reduced world if we do not take more care for it.

Let us dream how we can take more care of it – as individuals, as countries and as churches.

At this time representatives and delegates from churches, denomination and green Christian organisations (including CEL) from 22 countries throughout Europe are meeting at Mennorode, Elspeet, Holland to work, discuss, pray celebrate on the theme: Eco-Justice, Growth and Hope.

28 Aug – 2 Sept

Eight delegates are there from Britain and Ireland… And just going off to breakfast now.



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