CELINK – Green Christian’s Members’ E-discussion Group

Green Christian members have an Email discussion Group: celink@googlegroups.com It is restricted to paid up members of Green Christian – ( If you’re not a paid up member you can easily join Green Christian here)

Member can ask and answer questions, tell about projects, give and receive encouragement, and share news. To give you a flavour of topics, here is a selection from one month this year

Is renewable energy actually green?
Plastic supermarket bags
Recycled toilet paper
Films with an environmental message
Get involved

If you would like to take part in CELINK please email Green Christian’s webeditor

There are some finer details about CELINK here



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Catherine Fish:

December 6, 2021

Are there any Green Christian members who are also members of Co-housing groups? if so, I'd like to start a discussion about eco-building design as a contribution to sustainable and low impact community living. within Co-housing. Co-housing groups that I have some personal knowledge of are Still Green in Milton Keynes, Lancaster co-housing group, On The Brink and Wisewood Co-housing in Sheffield. The potential for using a combination of heat pumps, microgrids and high spec insulation, in new build eco-housing that such groups are investing in as energy savers, particularly interest me.

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