Change Greed to Green, a play by Tom Hiscock

Download: Change Greed to Green

Tom’s play written in 2008 is a conversation between the narrator or leader and many members of the Pollution Family such as Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Industrial Waste, Deforestration to mention a few. Much of this is written in verse.

Carbon Dioxide says:
I’m Carbon Dioxide and I’m everywhere;
Polluting the world, but do you care?
You won’t give up cars and enjoy the walk
So all this ‘Green’ lifestyle is hot air and talk.
You allow me to belch out of chimneys high
And float, heat-laden, up to the sky;
Each of my molecules stores up heat
So my effect on the climate you cannot beat;
I help to create the ‘Greenhouse Effect’,
But you want luxuries – what do you expect?

This piece would be an excellent addition to a service on Climate Change or the Environment.



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