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The Cheltenham Christian Ecology Link Group are delighted to be hearing a talk from our Patron, Jonathon Porritt on the evening of Wednesday 25th May 2011, speaking to the theme of “A sustainable world : Reasons to be hopeful”.

Martin Davis, the meeting organiser, commented, “At a time when there is so much depressing news around, it’s good to hear someone willing to talk about reasons to be hopeful for a sustainable world ! ”

Information Officer, Jo Abbess added “This isn’t “blind hope” – the human race now know practically all we need to know to live within ecological limits – and our prayerful hope is for political common sense and collective, democratic will.”

Christian Ecology Link (CEL) has a number of local groups across Britain . Cheltenham CEL has been active over three years, arranging talks, quiet days and meditations.

The emphasis of CEL’s core mission is the future – adaptation to environmental changes that we cannot avoid, and action on those we can still prevent. “Christians regard hope as one of a trinity of guiding principles – along with love and faith.” says Davis . “Hope has to be active, in action.” concurs Abbess, “It’s certainly not a passive mindset.”

Cheltenham CEL is an active member of the Gloucestershire Churches Environmental Justice Network, and has invited members of the Transition Town Cheltenham community to the Jonathon Porritt meeting, publicising it through the local climate change charity Vision 21. As another sign of community building in the local area, Cheltenham CEL have selected the local Quaker Meeting House as their venue for Wednesday’s talk.

Martin Davis said, “It is particularly appropriate to be meeting at the Friends’ Meeting House, as Quakers now have an established testimony to the environment, equivalent to their long-established peace testimony.”

He added a note of humour, “Jesus said ‘A prophet is despised in his own country’. Jonathon Porritt lives in Cheltenham, but I am pleased to say we nevertheless look like having a sold-out room for his talk here on 25th May. Jonathon has been an inspiration to many of us in Christian Ecology Link over three decades, and we much look forward to his talk here.”
Anyone wishing to attend the meeting or report proceedings should contact Martin Davis by e-mail on :

The meeting will start at 7.30pm on Wednesday 25th May 2011 at Friends’ Meeting House, Warwick Place , Cheltenham GL52 2NP :

Meeting Enquiries: Martin Davis
General Enquiries: Jo Abbess tel 0845 45 98 460
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