Christian Climate Action livestream from the courtroom

On Thursday 18 March a Church of England priest glued herself to court furniture in protest of the court’s complicity in inaction on the climate emergency.

Green Christian co-chair, George Dow, said, ‘Here is an example of non-violent protest by 79 year old Revd Sue Parfitt on 18 March when she was arrested for contempt of court in protesting about the climate emergency. Sue was accompanied by fellow Christian Climate Action member Ruth Jarman.’

Read about it here. To watch the video click ‘view the livestream’ at the end of the article.

George continues, ‘While as a charity Green Christian does not promote or condone law breaking, the reporting of this event is now in the public domain and it is appropriate to include as a Green Christian blog since both Sue and Ruth are Green Christian members.’

Read Premier Christian Radio‘s news article.

The following day, 19 March, two other Green Christian members, Ben Buse and the Revd Tim Hewes, were each given a 14-day prison sentence for contempt of court after they also glued themselves to court furniture while livestreaming.

Read more in Christian Today.



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Iain Climie:

March 21, 2021

I'd give Sue a hug were it not for COVID-19.

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