Christian Ecology Link admirably represented at Fossil Free Nativity

DSC_0213 (2)On Saturday 14th December a collection of CEL members, activists and friends performed a Fossil Free Nativity play for an audience on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral, London.

Aided by our Angelic friends from the Speak network, with all the professionalism you would expect from a school nativity play we strapped on wings, robes, beards and cloaks and delivered with gusto a modern reworking of the original source material interspersed with our our own Fossil Free Christmas Carols.

(see more pictures on Facebook here)

No oil, no oil the angels did sing

No more fossil fuels just invest in green things

Solar panels, local food, and other green stuff

Insulate all buildings then we’ll be warm enough

No Oil, no oil, no oil, no oil

Now is the time to divest from those fuels!

This was all in support of Operation Noah’s BrightNow and 350.orgs fossil free campaigns.  In 2014 The Church of England decides on whether or not to disinvest from Fossil Fuels the way it has from tobacco and the arms trade.  Since the business model of these companies inherently requires catastrophic climate change their veneer of respectability must be challenged.  We wait to see what leadership the Church of England gives in the face of the Climate Crisis.  We await the decision of the Church’s Ethical Investment Advisory Group  (EIAG)

Or, in the words of our Narrator and the Fossil Free Angel Gabriel, as they watch the Holy Family flee from Bethlehem,

Narrator:       So Joseph and Mary flee from Herod’s men

                        carrying new born King Baby Jesus with them.

                        So that story’s over but we will have to see

                        What kind of a King he turns out to be


                        Will he grow up to be wise, gentle and meek

                        resisting the strong and uplifting the weak?


Gabriel:         Or maybe he will be lazy, proud and rash

                        and fill up his pockets with oil stained cash.


Narrator:       Will he inspire a great inconvenient shower

                        who go about challenging principalities and powers.

                        Saying the root of all sort of evil stem from love of your wad

                        and would tell us you cannot serve both money and God.


Gabriel:         Or full of fear and a lack of imagination

                        will they sit on their hands, watching the nation

                        be torn apart by the oil stained predations

                        of a few awful companies and their machinations.

You can see more pictures on Facebook here

If you would like to put on your own Fossil Free Nativity, please download the script here: FossilFreeNativity2013

Should the church disinvest from fossil fuels?  Vote on the Church Times Question of the Week.



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