Christian Ecology Link Day Conference: 10 March 2012

Saturday 10th March 2012
St Michael’s Church, Stoke Gifford, BS34 8PD.

adjacent to Bristol Parkway station

Treasure in the field – Spiritual capital and sustainable living

Jonathon Porritt
– Founder of Forum for the Future
Tim Gorringe
– Professor of Theology, Exeter University
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We are spending the natural capital on which our children depend – not to mention the other species in our trust. Whether oil, metal, water or nutrients, it’s time to ‘leave it in the ground’ and become treasurers, not consumers, of the earth. That requires investing in the source of ultimate value: spiritual capital.
Christian Ecology Link’s 30th anniversary conference will explore alternative, sustainable ways of being that will heal our ravaged world.

Fee: £15 (£10 before end of January). CEL members £10. Only £5 for young people under 25.
Booking: t: 0845 459 8460, e: or download: Booking Form
How to get there see below
See Programme and Workshops

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Treasure in the Field: Spiritual Capital and Sustainable Living. Saturday 10 March, Old School Rooms, St Michael’s Church, Stoke Gifford.BS34 8PD. Workshops: Alternative ways of living leading to a sustainable future for our ravaged world. Each workshop will run twice. Please sign up on the lists as soon as you arrive at the conference.

Workshop leaders and themes

Tim Gorringe –– Professor of theology at Exeter University
‘An exploration of economics’ – contradiction of infinite growth on a finite planet and transition town thinking.

Chris Sunderland — EarthAbbey
‘The contemplative heart of environmental activism’. For the activist, it can sometimes feel like there is a lot to do and too little time.  Consider reconnecting with the ‘treasure’ within, so as to find the resources we need to keep on keeping on.

Jeremy Williams – Breathe
‘Consumer Detox’. Vital to any hope of a sustainable future is a radical change in our consumerist culture.

Edward Echlin Hon. Fellow in Theology, Leeds Trinity; and Sarum
‘Farming for earth, climate and people’. Small scale, biodiverse, organic food production is not only the best way food growing preserves soil and stabilises climate, it is also the most productive method of food production.

Mark Letcher – Climate Works and Operation Noah
‘Low-carbon living’

Jonathan Essex — Co-founderGreen House’ think tank and borough councillor
‘A new art of the possible’. Can democracy deliver sustainability?  It’s not exactly been a ‘friend of the earth’, but at the moment it needs all the friends it can get.  In fact there is a different kind of politics.  If you’re not into campaigning this workshop will make you think again; if you are, it could change your reasons.
Jonathan is one of the founding group of the political think tank Green House, a borough councillor, recent parliamentary candidate and long-time CEL member.  When not on the stump he is Sustainable Construction Manager for sustainability charity BioRegional, and a trustee of his local Council for Voluntary Services.

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Treasure in the Field: Spiritual Capital and Sustainable Living. Saturday 10 March, Old School Rooms, St Michael’s Church, Stoke Gifford, BS34 8PD.


What shared meanings, values, and ultimate purposes do Christians bring to the theme of spiritual capital? Come to listen and contribute.

10.00           Doors open
11.00           Welcome and worship
11.10           Keynote talk from Jonathon Porritt
Response from Tim Gorringe and Paul Bodenham (CEL chairman)
Discussion chaired by Ellen Teague (Columbans)
1pm             Lunch (Please bring your own. Drinks available, but bring own mugs please.)
2pm             Workshops – Session One
3pm             Tea Break
3.30             Workshops – Session Two
4.30             Final thoughts in plenary session
4.45             Worship
5pm             Close

Jonathon Porritt is a CEL patron. He is co-founder of Forum for the Future and co-director of the Prince of Wales’ Business and Sustainability Programme. He was chair of the UK Sustainable Development Commission between 2000 and 2009.

Tim Gorringe is St Luke’s Professor of Theological Studies, Exeter University. His most recent books are The Common Good and the Global Emergency (CUP 2011). He is at present working on a two year research project on the values which underpin constructive social change, focusing on the Transition Town Movement

Paul Bodenham is Chair of CEL and on the Board of Operation Noah.

Ellen Teague is chairing the morning session. She is a London-based freelance Catholic journalist who writes and campaigns on Justice, Peace and Ecology issues. She is a member of the Faith and Justice Team of the Columban Missionary Society in Britain and edits their newsletter, Vocation for Justice.

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Treasure in the Field: Spiritual Capital and Sustainable Living. Saturday 10 March, Old School Rooms, St Michael’s Church, Stoke Gifford, BS34 8PD.

How to get there

How to get there by train: Bristol Parkway station is a few minutes walk from the conference venue. Come out of Bristol Parkway station into the car park. Walk to the left, past the bus stops, to the second zebra crossing. Cross here. Continue in the same direction for a few yards. Go through white gate on your right (signposted ‘St Michael’s Church’). Walk along the path through the churchyard and past St Michael’s Church. Cross the green to the Old School Rooms which act as the church hall. This takes about five minutes.
How to get there by car: If coming by car it will be best to park in the station car park. It’s a few pounds for the day. There is little parking around the church itself (about 6 spaces immediately outside the Old School Rooms – best kept for disabled, and also a few more around the green). Directions to Stoke Gifford Church



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