Christians Arrested at Anti-Fracking Protest

why frack for moreOn Monday 19th August, Christian activists were amongst those arrested while supporting the direct action against drilling for oil and gas in Balcombe, Sussex.

A group of Christians have been staying at the Reclaim the Power climate camp, , since Friday, and on Monday supported acts of civil disobedience to highlight the immorality of the UK’s energy policy and the climate crisis. They did so in the light of clear signals from scientists that in order to have any chance of avoiding devastating climate change we must not only stop exploring for new fossil fuels, but also leave the majority of current stocks in the ground.

gate protestThe two were arrested, alongside Caroline Lucas MP, on suspicion of not following police orders to leave the area.

Westley Ingram, one of the Christian activists, said:

‘A church that does not take a stand on climate change in the interests of the poor, at home and abroad, does not represent Jesus Christ well, if at all. Also, Cuadrilla themselves have said that fracking will not reduce energy bills.  A clean energy future is the only way to properly address fuel poverty.’

Caroline Harmon, who witnessed the protest, said:

‘As Christians we are called to steward the creation and use the earth’s resources wisely. We don’t believe that it is possible to do this if we are continuing to exploit fossil fuels.’

Last week, The New Scientist questioned the ability of fracking to bring down prices and carbon emissions, saying that it could turn out to be ‘a costly bridge to nowhere.’

The International Energy Agency have said that two thirds of fossil fuel reserves must remain unburned to have a fifty percent chance of remaining under two degrees warming.  Other studies suggest only one fifth can be can be safely used.

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Comments on "Christians Arrested at Anti-Fracking Protest"

Georgia Corrie:

September 1, 2013

Our water and air are sacred and should be treated as such. The government has the option to pour money into renewable clean energy instead of fracking and ensure a sustainable future for all. Thank you to the brave Christians who took a strong stance against fracking. Wind farms come up against all kinds of obstacles based on appearance and yet fracking, which does not have a good health track record from the accounts of Americans, gets the green light. Whose interests are being served here?

Mark Coleman:

August 27, 2013

Ruth - thank you for your prophetic voice. Lots of prayers and kingdom solidarity to you and the other protesters.

Geoff Foster:

August 24, 2013

Well done Pity the Church Of England has come out in support of fracking

Ian Chisnall:

August 23, 2013

I am very sympathetic regarding the issue of fracking, although would stress I do not have a fixed mind either way bearing in mind the conflicting issues and my own lack of knowledge of the science. I am a resident of Brighton and sit as an Independent Adviser for Sussex Police. This has included being involved in meetings to provide advice on the Operations at Balcombe. I believe that there is a real need for the Church to understand its role in a society which needs the involvement of Christians that goes beyond some of the simplistic issues that sadly seem to occupy most of the column inches. However I know that whilst some 90 people were arrested, including Westley and the other person, that many others were not. My question and perhaps challenge is to ask if the civil disobedience of blocking the road despite being asked to move is really something that is justified when the climate camp and standing encampment was already attracting so much public attention. I should stress that I have yet to speak to Caroline Lucas who is my MP but I have a very good relationship with her and I will certainly discuss this with her when we next meet.

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