Climate Change Lent Lunches at Bentham – act local

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The Bentham countryside is used mostly for sheep and cattle grazing – A walk on 1 May.

Set near  the western most tip of  Yorkshire on the borders with Lancashire and Cumbria, the parish of Bentham includes the market town of High Bentham, and 1.5 miles away the smaller village of Low Bentham

Caring for God’s Creation: Responding to Climate Change:” is the title of the Lent Lunch series organised by Bentham Churches Together

These lunches are an opportunity for all people in Bentham and in the churches to meet, have a good lunch and learn more about, and how to deal with, this vital topic.

Climate change is a process that is beginning to affect everyone as we get more frequent storms. It will affect our children and grandchildren as the rate of change increases with build up of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases on top of the current levels.

The first session is entitled “celebrating creation” and will include a five minutes slot on wildflowers and habitats in and near Bentham – some to be shown shortly in this post- that people in Bentham can celebrate and  be proud of.  This will be given in a five minutes slot by Judith Allinson who has carried out botanical survey work in this area

The Methodist Church in High Bentham is hosting the meetings, with a Jacob’s Join lunch (local expression for Bring and Share) on the first and last Wednesday and Bread and Cheese lunches provided by the different churches for the four middle sessions.  The dates are: 18 Feb- – 25 March, starting at 12.30pm. The talks/ discussions/ reflections themselves will be quite short (?25 min?) allowing people to go back to work or away in the afternoon.

The six sessions will follow the themes in the Ash Wednesday Declaration, a statement launched two years ago by Operation Noah (the Christian Climate Awareness Charity) and signed by many church leaders. The Declaration challenges the church to realise that care for God’s creation – and concern about climate change – is foundational to the Christian gospel and central to the church’s mission.

boxingday-2012-great-stone-race-bentham 041-300

Bentham Beagles (runners) at The Great Stone of Fourstones. Bentham can be proud it has some peaty moorland soil in its parish. Such soil can store 5 times as much carbon as grassland soils – and much more if the peat is very deep. But if the peat dries out it decomposes and carbon dioxide is formed

18th:      1. Find joy in creation       –  CofE
25th       2. Listen and   3.Repent   –  RCs
4th         4. Take Responsibility      –  Methodists & Students from Capernwray
11th        5.   Seek Justice                  –  Anglicans
18th       6.   Love our neighbours   – Quakers
25th.      7.  Act with Hope               –  Timothy Fox & others


The series is organised by retired Anglican Priest, Revd Timothy Fox: – shown here displaying an Operation Noah poster – appropriately on a very rainy day.climate-change-rev-timothy-fox-300-landscape

Other people will be making contributions including Andy Ive,  an environmental engineer, whose church at Ingleton has just achieved their second Eco-Congregation award 



Bentham has many environmentally aware people including the Bentham Environmentally Sustainable Town project. (BEST).



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