Climate Sunday

Has your church had a Climate Sunday yet? Now is the time to get one in your church calendar!

Climate Sunday is calling on all churches to hold a local Climate Sunday any time in 2021 before 4 September. There are free resources to suit every tradition and style of worship. During the Climate Sunday, each church will be invited to:

  • Climate service: Hold a climate-focused service, to explore the theological and scientific basis of creation care and action on climate, to pray, and to commit to action
  • Commit: Make a commitment as a local church community to taking long term action to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Call: Join with other churches and wider society by adding their name to a common call for the UK government to take much bolder action on climate change in this country in advance of COP26, and to strengthen its credibility to lead the international community to adopt a step change in action at COP26.



Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 22 March, 2021 | Category: Action Climate Emergency | Comments: 1

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August 29, 2021

The Sabbath day is the correct day

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