Community energy – help build on the success!

Please write to your MP before 5 September!

Some good news

At the Energy Bill’s Committee stage in June the Minister, Andrew Bowie, promised that the Government would bring forward an alternative proposal to empower widespread community energy sector growth. He kept his word, with the Government announcing the week before last that a new £10 million Community Energy Fund will begin operating in the autumn.

We are very pleased with this success and want to say a big thanks for all the support that you have given in making it happen. This is the first substantial action from Government to help community energy in many years. The fund will certainly see many more renewable generation schemes get off the ground. We hope it is just the start and a sign of things to come.

Can you help?

The next step on this path specifically relates to the Energy Bill’s Report stage debate in the Commons on Tuesday 5 September and we are hoping you can help. Please ask your MP to attend the debate and to say the following two things:

a)     welcome the new fund and thank the Minister for his part in making it happen, and

b)     make the point that, whilst the fund is welcome and will certainly create growth, much more growth will be created if access to local markets is established so that community energy schemes can sell power to local customers.

The background

Green Christian is campaigning for two bills to be adopted in Parliament – the Climate and Ecology Bill, and this one, the Local Electricity Bill.

We have been supporters of this proposed bill to enable community-run renewables for a while now and it’s great to hear that things are moving!



Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 30 August, 2023 | Category: Action Climate Emergency | Comments: 0

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