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Blogs of GC members (and Websites and Facebook groups)

Blogs of GC members – and associated people, or their organisations.
More recently updated at the top. Blogs from 11 onwards are historic.

1 Medley Medley is a new initiative exploring music, art and nature’s impact on wellbeing
2 Paintings Paintings by Marisa Mann
3 First day of every month
4 Peter Musgrave, Ilford Vine Church, Ilford Interfaith Climate Walk, Solar panels, visit to Bangladesh and more
5 Greening St John’s Reading A church’s journey towards becoming an eco-congregation… and now an eco-church
6 Anthony Smith A CofE curate’s take on Christianity and culture (occasional technical posts on astronomy and computing)This man enjoys math (anag.)
7 Rainforest Fund Project Judith Allinson- Settle Church & Nature Conservation Activities- – raising money and awareness – 2008-2020 – but now mostly wildflowers and lichens grasses, etc
8 Earthbound Report -formerly – Make Wealth History Jeremy Williams
9 Milton Keynes Environment Group Facebook Group Find out what’s going on
10 Ringsfield Hall Trust Website.
11 Green Christian Worcester Facebook Group
    – Blogs Below no longer being updated –
1 Freeranger Martin Davis – stopped 2014
2 Colemanshill  Mark Boulton’s blog of building their eco-house – finished 2015
3 Lydia Living Lightly Blog from Lydia Groenewald -2017
4 Turbulent Books: Strengthening faith in the struggle for justice: Blog of David Rhodes Blog of David Rhodes – stopped 2016
5 Fr Peter’s Env. Notes -Fr Peter – stop 2014
6 Fr Peters’s DIY Environmental Ideas. – Practical Fr Peter Stop 2010
7 Treading Lightly – last updated 2017 Jenny Cooke – a civil engineer specialising in solving problems with the ground (e.g. from slope failures due to excessive rain)