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Through its Xistence project Green Christian is exploring how we can best serve the younger generation of both Christians and others in their 20’s and 30’s. The work lasted for 8 months during 2015 and went live in April 2015 with the recruitment of Emily Winter as Researcher. Emily was joined in June by Jo Musker-Sherwood as Development Officer and Rachel Hodgson who supported both Emily and Jo. Simon Court was Line Manager, with George Dow overseeing the project on behalf of the steering committee. Xistence is regarded as a key strategic project by Green Christian, with a detailed set of practical and challenging recommendations based on robust empirical research. At an early stage fascinating ideas were emerging and taking shape – see for example the pen pal initiative.
See Simon, Jo, Rachel and Emily at their a project meeting in Manchester.




If you are a parent of young children, you may like to visit the facebook page Growing them Green set up by Xistence and read their Project Blog with Monologue

The team have presented GC with a fascinating report which is currently informing the steering committee in its ongoing challenges.