Green Christian at COP28 London march

Green Christian joined the faith bloc at Now We Rise, the COP28 Day of Action on 9 December.

This was the middle weekend of COP28, the annual international climate negotiations, this year in the petrostate, Dubai, which is ending on 12 December.

We gathered, prayed and marched in solidarity with all suffering from climate impacts and called for action at COP28.

Click here for the prayers we said.

Richard from Reading said, “For me it was a bit of a last minute thing. I just felt I needed to be there, voting with my feet to say climate action is really needed.”

And a new member, Graham, said, “I was inspired to join Green Christian today by coming to their daily Zoom prayer for COP28.”

There were speeches calling for all countries to endorse the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty – calling for a fair phase-out of fossil fuels and a just transition to a clean, safe world – and cheers to the recent news that the first oil-producing nation, Colombia, has signed up to the treaty.

The gathering, prayers and speeches took place outside BP Headquarters in St James’ Square and then moved off to BAE’s offices, before meeting the Palestinian solidarity march in Trafalgar square, which some marchers then joined.

Please continue to pray with us on Zoom every morning of COP28 until Tuesday 12 December.



Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 9 December, 2023 | Category: Climate Emergency News | Comments: 0

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