Coronavirus – thoughts

News is changing so rapidly in these “This changes everything” times
One hundred thousand situations are happening – and each could have its own blog.
By tomorrow much will be out of date.
As I started this, “Today” was Wednesday 18th March 2020
I record statistics for that day – for the sake of history

I had just written an email to my contacts round Settle – a town in North Yorkshire, to tell them about the “Settle Community Response” and phone number set up in Victoria Hall, Settle, and to announce closures of remaining local events that have not been closed already.

I wrote to them, and I write to you: –

Some of you receiving this email will be worked off your
feet with extra work. Many others will be stuck at home.
Others will be facing loss of income, and loss of jobs.
Others will be upset because they cannot visit loved ones.
Yet more will be wondering what to do with children off
school next week
Sympathies whatever your plight.

But many of us will find silver linings.

I do recommend going for a walk by yourself and looking for
flowers, birds, lichens, insects coming out.

The Spring Equinox this year is at 03:49 on
Friday, 20 March so from then on the days will be longer than the nights.

Today is 18th March 2020. I live in North Yorkshire.
Today there are 8 cases of coronavirus in my county. There are
2626 cases in UK and 650 new ones today. We have a total of 102 deaths in UK.

We are going to have a huge national debt by the end of the year.
No-one has told us how we are going to pay for and look after all the old people who need care.

Two weeks ago I collected a list of all the upcoming events on the What’s-on page ready to email out to all who receive the Green Christian E-News. Now I suspect nearly every on one of those events will be cancelled.
Even regular Sunday Services are cancelled.

Here are some figures

(For more up to date figures see

Cases by 18 March Deaths by 18 March

China 81,102 3,241
Italy 35,713 2,978
Iran 17,361 1,135
Spain 13,910 623
Germany 11,973 28
South Korea 8,413 84
France 7,652 148
USA 7,316 115
Switzerland 3,028 28
UK (no 10) 2,626 104
Diamond Princess cruise ship (no 19) 712 7
Ireland (no 30) 292 2 / John Hopkins University

Martin Davis emailed to tell us about his local group that meets fortnightly at the Thursday at 1pm at St Mary’s Minster over Lent to pray about the climate crisis – he attached the prayers and meditations for those in the group who would be too vulnerable to come – Then sent another email the same day as he realised his church would be shut.

On Sat 21st March Green Christian will be having its Board meeting by Zoom Conference call. We already have subcommittee meetings by Zoom. But we shall have to get organised to have the whole of what is normally a five hour meeting (including lunch) by zoom. Silver lining: This meeting will have a much smaller carbon footprint.

Last autumn Green Christian encouraged its members to meet locally and offer “Green Christian Tea parties”. Such parties cannot take place now: Silver lining:

Now we are offering “Green Christian” Zoom parties (preferably but not necessarily for people in the same part of the country) – or prayer meetings. If you are a member of Green Christian and would like to take part in one of these please drop me an email. Next one March 31 6.30pm .

Other Silver linings?

The water in Venice is getting much cleaner – people are seeing fish in the canals;

The air over China and many big cities is getting cleaner, as less industrial pollution is happening

Climate change? People might understand better about exponential effects – which is how climate change is taking place (1,2,4,8,16 etc) . The UK graph showing number of new cases each day is still increasing exponentially – and can be expressed logarithmically here

Many people are caring more for their neighbours.

What silver linings can you see?

If you have views about effects of coronavirus to tell others who visit this website, do add them in the comments section.



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Anne Martin:

April 1, 2020

Mother nature has sent us to our rooms for “time out”. It is time to examine our self-centred life-styles and the behaviour that is putting so much pressure on the planet’s resources.So repent [change your inner self—your old way of thinking, regret past sins] and return [to God—seek His purpose for your life], so that your sins may be wiped away [blotted out, completely erased], so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord [restoring you like a cool wind on a hot day]; Acts 3:19“This amazing planet continues to be in deep peril from climate change and the loss of habitats and species. And yet this moment of eclipse-where real darkness is passing in front of our normally ordered lives, is a once in a life-time opportunity to stop; and to say that real, lasting change is absolutely possible. We have stopped for a virus. Let’s use this time to stop and think hard about what we want the world to look like when we come out the other side. Rather than returning to business as usual; surely this is a chance to learn from the mistakes we have made. To use this pause to reflect on the possibilities of better lives that live in harmony with nature rather than against it. Get outside today and remind yourself of what really matters; enjoy family, home cooked meals, write letters, create things, paint, draw, sing. Read books you haven’t had time for, get inspired, share time with people you love and care for. Live this time as a unique chance to dwell in the moment”.Let us understand afresh our interdependence on nature for our thriving. It is entirely possible that corona virus started its transmission as a result of the uncontrolled trade in bat-meat in Asia - a symbol of our broken relationships with our planet. Now the planet has used this as a bit of a fight back, a reminder to us of our own interdependence and our critical reliance on nature for our thriving.” Andy Lester, A Rocha director of conservation.

Godfrey Armitage:

March 31, 2020

I'm just reading Seth Reice (2001) 'The Silver Lining: The Benefits of Natural Disasters.' While it deals with floods, fires and their effects on ecosystems, it raises important principles and is worth reading. You can still get it online!


March 26, 2020

More silver linings: Life here in Finsbury Park, North London now has a stronger community awareness. We are blessed with a daily prayer meeting with our church using Hoop and a Sunday service streamed via Facebook. A very local mutual aid group covering our 6 nearest streets is up and running. Local shops are offering deliveries to over 70s. The weather is glorious, the garden is getting attention, we are speaking to more folk on the phone...... It does feel like the calm before the storm.... IN GOD WE KEEP OUR TRUST

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