Could you make prayer flags at your church? – GCOTR report for Manchester

by Judith Allinson:

A report on the Green Christian’s sixth “On the Road Together Meeting” held at Manchester on Sat 14 September.

40 (plus) people (including helpers from the local church) attended this day conference  held at the Dandelion Community (URC church), Wythenshawe.

Local leaders Revd Kate Gray (URC) and Revd John Hughes (Anglican) were key organisers. From Green Christian, Deb Tomkins and Tony Emerson ran workshops on the GC projects: “Way of Life” and “Joy in Enough”. Hannah Malcolm (winner of Theology Slam 2019) led a workshop on Christian Climate Action and Extinction Rebellion, and held a period of reflection whilst we wrote prayer flags.

Stephen Raw (Artist in Residence at Manchester Cathedral) led the group production of a wonderful Joy in Enough Banner, which will be used at Greater Manchester Churches Together big event on 30 September: Churches & the Climate Emergency

Getting ready to display the Joy in Enough Banner

With so much of interest, I could write 10 reports based on the following sub-titles. Item number 9 is the most topical – “Making prayer flags for the Global Climate Strike and ready for The Faith Bridge” – I hope to expand on that one.

1. Wythenshawe – A large estate built as an early garden city- (from its name in an area once covered with willow trees) – now just one mile from Manchester Airport.  With an area of approximately 11 square miles (28 km2), at one time Wythenshawe was the largest council estate in Europe.

 2. The Dandelion Community – (URC Church) This church with a very “inclusive” attitude – The inside of the church is pale brick the inside of the recently decorated hall is white walls and both are very adaptable. You’ll see some pictures

Banner at front of church

3. The church garden/surrounds – and my first tasting of fresh rose-hips.

4. The two chief local organisers had a lot to contribute – Rev Kate Gray  and Rev John Hughes – in leading sections of the meeting and in taking part in discussions

5.The two Green Christian sessions were led by Deborah Tomkins from Bristol and Tony Emerson from London. – on the Way of Life  and on the Joy in Enough projects.

Workshop on the Joy in Enough Project

6. Participants included:
 Members of GC
Kate Gray’s URC contacts – both within the Dandelion community and further afield
People who had surfed the internet and found out about the event.
Green Christian speakers

7. Making the Joy in enough Banner – with artist Stephen Raw, currently “Artist in Residence” at Manchester Cathedral – and Tips on making such a banner.
This is going to be displayed at several upcoming local events.

Making the Joy in enough Banner
Another view of making the Joy in Enough Banner

8. Interactive workshop on non violent action protests/ reflections on what we think about non violent protests and their effectiveness, led by Hannah Malcolm

9. Making the prayer flags

10. Aftermath/Post Script



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Comments on "Could you make prayer flags at your church? – GCOTR report for Manchester"

Fiona Hodson:

September 19, 2019

An inspirational article and thank you for this lively and snappy presentation.

Janet Gray:

September 16, 2019

This was a full and interesting day, I have not attended anything like it before. It made me realise I must expand my horizons as it is so easy to get bogged down with local church issues rather than the wider community. Practical actions combined with prayer.

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