Debt causes deserts

It is 25 years since Green Christian attended the human chain surrounding the G8 summit in 1998 at Birmingham – joining 70,000 others demanding debt cancellation for 52 impoverished countries by the year 2000.  (see above picture) (We were then known as Christian Ecology Link)

Debt Justice give a very good summary of the results of that campaign and of the problems of debt over the 25 years since then. – HERE

After all, the way Banks and other investors (us?) make money is by giving out loans and charging interest – i.e by making other people/countries go into debt. Banks and investors should be responsible in how they lend.

More on Jubilee 2000

I feel we should also be concerned about corruption – Visit Transparency International‘s website – See how your country scores in the Corruption perception index (spoiler- UK came out joint 18th from top for honesty in 180 countries in 2022.. compared with 11th in both 1998, and 2021)

Did you know that 8-18 June is Fair Tax Week ? Visit this link to find out about events and webinars. e.g. talk on Wed 14 Jun 19:00 – Tax for the Common Good – St Mary’s East Barnet,

This Tue 23 May – Come to an event on ethical banking – Held at Plymouth University – and by Zoom – Zak Gottlieb, the director of Bank.Green. will be giving a presentation on the financing of energy, and, in particular, the contentious issue of finance for current and future fossil fuel projects,



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