Do something wild each day in June

Can you do it?

Can you make a resolution to go and do something outside every day in June?

See your web editors blog as she finds something new to do outside each day

This is a splendid idea encouraged by the Wildlife Trusts –

Maybe try something different each day

– from an early morning meditation or dawn chorus walk to an evening stroll

– from joining in a litter pick to weeding  a friend’s garden

From making a list of wildflowers in the nearest patch of wasteland  to sketching the view

From reading a magazine on a park bench to — well you name it.


Never give up! Keep on doing something outside each day.

Help young and old people explore the countryside. Take them on a short walk. They may feel unsteady by themselves.

Help people explore nature in the city streets and parks.

If you’re young – ask old people to tell you their stories whilst they are still alive to tell you.

Make that extra effort – don’t let bad weather, inertia, shyness, laziness deter you. There is a wonderful world to share.

See what the Wildlife Trusts say – Make room for nature this June – no matter where you are or how busy your life!

See what I wrote two years ago


Explore it in June. Do something wild every day in June.

Tell us what you do. Keep a diary


Let’s think what Jesus did in the wild ..

He spent 40 days “In the wilderness” getting his thoughts sorted out.

He went on a mountain top to pray.

He walked through the cornfields with his disciples and they ate grains of corn. (On the Sabbath!!)

Water:- He used a boat to escape from the crowds. On another occasion he slept confidently on a boat tossed in the sea whilst a storm raged..

He considered the birds and the lilies..



Here are some musings…

Jesus and his friends lived much closer to nature than us.. .. so maybe they took it for granted.

There are now 40 times as many people in the world as when Jesus was alive, and soon there will be 50 times as many, meaning there is less nature available per head of population, and less space for wild animals to live.

World population (estimates)

0 AD            (Jesus was born) –               200 million

1703 AD     John Wesley was born       600 million

1740 -1860 Industrial Revolution

1791 AD     John Wesley died                 800 million

1950                                                           2,557 million

2000                                                          6,100 million

2018 AD                                                   7,625 million – this link gives the current total and lots of other statistics

2023                                                         8000 million

2050                                                        10,000 million



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Deborah Tomkins:

May 27, 2018

I’m inspired to give this a go! I already walk my dog every day and try to pick up litter as I go, but I’m going to try to do something extra. Thanks for the post.

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