Does your MP support the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature?

Boris Johnson’s government signed the Leader’s Pledge for Nature in September 2020

Green Christian is a big supporter of Zero Hour, the campaign to bring in legislation that makes the UK play its full part in tackling both the climate and creation emergencies. As part of this campaign, they are trying to find which Westminster MPs support the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature and the G7 2030 Compact for Nature, both of which are global commitments to reverse biodiversity loss by 2030.

Please take a moment to use this tool to write to your local MP today, asking them whether they support these UK Government commitments.

Your local MP’s response will help form a key part of Zero Hour’s campaigning over the next year—as we’ll be powering up our nature focus ahead of COP15—so please forward a copy of your MP’s response, should you receive one, to Zero Hour via email (

Enter your postcode and details into the tool which will then automatically populate an email to your local MP.

It should only take a minute—so, especially if your MP has refused to back the Climate & Ecology Bill, please email them via this website. Your support will help us grow our campaign and keep up the pressure on MPs.



Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 5 September, 2022 | Category: Action Climate Emergency | Comments: 0

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