Drax and the destruction of Southern USA Forests

Drax (N Yorks) is the biggest single emitter of CO2 in UK. It is now destroying Southern USA Forests for wood pellets.


Drax from Jo Syz on Vimeo.



It takes 150 years for trees to regrow – yet they are burned in 2 minutes.
Drax aims to import 16 million tons pellets. Yet UK’s own TOTAL wood production is 10 million tons.
Wind turbines would be a cheaper source of energy.

The wild animals, birds and reptiles lost from these forests will be contributing to the loss of world wildlife described by the Living Planet Report.. (that in 4 years time they will be reporting that there is only 1/3 of the wildlife left in the world compared to 1970. (number of wild backboned creatures)

Biofuelwatch calls for the ending of UK government subsidies to Drax, so money can be invested in genuine renewable energy production, jobs and infrastructure.




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