Earth Day

The 22nd April is Earth Day. For those of us who are well and not on the front line of the pandemic, here are some suggestions.


Christian Climate Action are holding a time of prayer at 9am every morning on Zoom. Why not join them on Earth Day – or any morning?

The Birmingham group, Footsteps (Faiths For A Low Carbon Future), is running an online Earth Day programme: strengthening our spirit and cities taking the lead, and invite all to join them. They are planning to repeat the two-hour programme at 10:00, 14:00 and 19:00 BST on Wednesday 22 April to allow you to choose the most convenient time to participate.

Show the Love

I’m sure many of you have seen pictures of rainbows springing up in windows on social media and in your local community. Rainbows have become a common sight in the UK as we join together to ease an otherwise sombre mood. 

The Climate Coalition, of which Green Christian is a member, want to also show the love for our world and the green spaces that are keeping us going this Earth Day by putting green hearts in our windows – alongside the rainbows and teddies.

Please consider using the time between now and Earth Day to make a green heart and share it by putting it on display in your window, and on Earth Day share your green hearts on social media using #ShowTheLove, or email a picture to .

Call for a Green Economic Stimulus

Christian Climate Action is calling for the government to take this opportunity to tackle both the coronavirus and the climate crises together and ensure that we use government funds in a way which puts people and planet before polluters.

Why not use Earth Day to sit down and write a few emails or use social media to say that people and planet should be bailed out before polluters?

Protect Forests and the Climate

While many aspects of everyday life have ground to a halt because of Coronavirus, some of the nastier elements are alive and kicking. Drax is still planning to hold its Annual General Meeting on 22 April. 

For those of you not so familiar with Drax: its Yorkshire power station is the UK’s single biggest CO2 emitter, and burns more wood than any other plant in the world, all of it imported, much from the clearcutting of biodiverse forests in the Southeastern USA, Baltic States and elsewhere. And it plans to build the UK’s biggest ever gas power capacity on the same site.

Biofuelwatch are asking people/family groups to take pictures of themselves with a placard or small banner, perhaps next to a tree in a park or garden, or a plant in your house, to share on social media on the 22nd. See here for details.



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