Eating together

How to use LOAF in your church

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Jesus blessed and broke bread and gave it to his disciples saying. “Do this in remembrance of me.” He often celebrated communal meals with his followers. You can follow his example when you have a Harvest, Alpha supper or church picnic, and choose food that complies with at least some of the LOAF principles.

See the Want to grow your own food? Here’s how! for practical ideas on growing your own food on an allotment or in a garden, with reflections from Richard Bauckham’s book Bible and Ecology on why this is important for Christians.


Make sure you are serving Fairtrade coffee and tea. Consider organic, Fairtrade or vegan biscuits.

Church meals

Here are some examples of how your church can use LOAF for their meals:

  • Always have a vegan or vegetarian option – or why not make vegan or vegetarian the default – if people want meat they need to ask for it
  • If your church does cooked breakfasts move to free range meat. It will be more expensive, but that gives us a greater opportunity to witness to our love for God’s creation
  • Provide simple meals of homemade soup and bread with local, organically grown ingredients
  • Put on a spread of local cheeses, meat from humanely-reared animals, salads, pickles, bread, desserts, fruit juices, wine, coffee and tea – all labelled to show where they were produced and all following the LOAF principles
  • Distribute seeds in Spring, and celebrate harvest with vegetables grown from the seeds


The sacrament of Holy Communion deserves the most ethical wine. Grace Supplies and Vanpoulles do Fairtrade Communion Wine, while Whitebridge Wine’s Communion Wine is also organic and vegan.

Making it happen

Help your church council draw up a policy that ensures food bought by the church follows LOAF’s ethical guidelines. Take a look at the buying policy at St John’s Hartley Wintney as an example.



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