Report: Eco-Action Day, Ilford

Green Christian member Peter Musgrave writes about the Eco Action Day at his church. 

Local Volunteers work together to make Community Building more Energy Efficient

On Saturday February 4th, Vine Church  hosted an Eco Action Day at their Holstock Road Community Halls, in Ilford. Over 40 volunteers from all section of the Ilford community most with no church connections came along to help.


Volunteer Kiru is preparing to fit reflector panels behind radiator

In the morning, volunteers with no specific previous experience learned how to carry out simple DIY jobs aimed at making the buildings more energy efficiency. Jobs included –

  • fitting loft insulation in the community housesabesh-lights-2
  • putting aluminium reflector panels behind outside wall radiators
  • replacing old incandescent light bulbs with new energy efficient LED bulbs
  • lagging the pipes from the gas boilers
  • putting temporary secondary glazing on an outside door to prevent heat loss
  • insulating doors to prevent draughts
  • sorting out the compost bins in the garden and putting the mulch on the beds
  • repairing broken gutter in the garden
  • planting an apple tree


Changing old fashioned light bulbs for new energy efficient LED lights at Vine Church back entrance.

Read more about the day, with more pictures,  at  Peter’s blog …….

Peter reminds churches,  that have community involvement.that are in the London area, that there are grants and help available from the city Bridge Trust to Fund an Eco- Audit – “The Trust will cover the costs of an eco-audit, training or consultancy provided by our approved consultants.”



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