Eco Church – its launch at St Paul’s on 26 Jan 2016

Rowan Williams

Rowan Williams in the crypt of St Paul’s launches Eco Church. This photo by Graham Lacdao, St Paul’s Cathedral’

Eco Church is a new programme to encourage and credit churches in England and Wales in making greener choices and activities. Two members of Green Christian Steering committee attended the launch – Judith Allinson and George Dow. Judith has since tried out the website questionnaire which has just come online, and writes this article.

(You can also download the  eco-church-survey  as an 8 side pdf here, and print it out booklet fold)

1. Links to official  website reports about Eco Church

  1.  Eco Church  itself: – Try out the Eco Survey for your church.
  2. Video of all the speakers at the launch (c.1 hr):
  3. St Paul’s Goes Green for Eco Church – by St Pauls Institute

2. Comments by Judith on the initial online questionnaire:

I found it easy to access the questionnaire.
It is in five sections:-
1 Worship and Teaching    2 Buildings     3 Land     4 Community and Global     5 Lifestyle

As you answer the questions, dials move up, and if your church has done sufficient green activities, the dial will reach first the bronze section, then the silver section and then the gold section. If you have registered with Eco Church you can save these scores, if not they will be lost.

I did the first section, for the church I attend at Settle and it just scraped into bronze.  I then decided to wait, and the next day invited two friends from church round and we registered our church, and looked at the results for all five sections.

Now we have to get other people in the church interested..

3. The excitement of the launchrowan-ecochurch-cropped-lighter

Over 300 people attended. We went down into the crypt. Various people gave speeches, including the guest speaker, Rowan Williams. St Paul’s was presented with a bronze Eco Church award.


Afterwards we looked at stalls that had been ecochurch-cryptput up, and had light refreshments.







I was pleased to visit the stall of Creation – i.e. of the Joint Public Issues Team of the Methodist URC and Baptist Church in Britain

(In the picture left to right: Steve Hucklesby, lady with rec waistcoat at stall, Valerie Lovett, myself, Michael Ivatt)


Look out as more may be added to this page in the next few days.



Here Michael Ivatt of The UK Methodist Church is showing Hope in God’s Future – A useful study guide with material for several discussion evenings on Climate Change. Copies cost £5 each and can be ordered from Methodist Publishing or you can download a free copy here.



I am showing people the Green Christian Leaflet on Saving Wildlife and the February Prayer Guide that I printed out. Andy Ive on the right is a keen organiser of the two Eco-Congregation awards that Ingleton Church received.








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