Eco-Congregation – Ingleton gains second award – what of churches near you?

Green Christian’s Web Editor (Judith Allinson)  visits a local church receiving their second award and writes:


The picture shows Jemima Parker and Andy Ive of St Mary’s Parish Church Council and two young members of the congregation.

“A primary aim of writing this article is to invite you, (if you live in the British Isles)  to find out if a church near you has received an Eco-Congregation Award.. and if so, to celebrate and give publicity to that fact. The church will have worked hard to gain the award.. but what is important is that other churches can find out and work towards one too. We can all help by giving publicity.

You can find the award winning churches here:
England and Wales:

(Also see links to EcoCongregation in  Norway, Canada, Hungary, USA)

Some Catholic Churches work for a “Live Simply” Award.

I was pleased to find that St Mary’s Church, Ingleton was having a service last Sunday (19 April 2015)  to celebrate the unveiling of the plaque for their second award. (If you gain a first award , then three years later you are encouraged to apply for a second for activities carried out in the next three years).

Jemima Parker from Harrogate, the Environment Officer of the Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales was the guest speaker at the morning service and she unveiled the new plaque.

Jemima talked about references to care of the environment in the bible. She talked about the problems of climate change, and urged people to think of this when voting.

In applying for the award, the church had listed 28 green activities. These range from hosting Eco-Services to using Fairtrade Products; from having a book of paintings and text on the churchyard wildflowers to hosting moss and lichen trails; from using local
suppliers for building and maintenance work to testing out secondary double glazing in the windows. From holding jumble sales to writing letters about climate change, through Hope for the Future.

Andy Ive said
” St Mary’s are stressing that we do not own the planet, we are just borrowing it for the next generation, so it is best we look after it before it is too late.”

Jemima Parker said:
“Being awarded a second Eco congregation is quite an achievement for a small village church. It is very encouraging to see how the congregation at St Mary’s take seriously our call to steward God’s creation, acting locally  for climate justice.”


Why not encourage your church to take part in Eco-Congregation?

As mentioned above find out of other local churches have gained awards here:

England and Wales:




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