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ecocell is a carbon reduction course for small groups or individual use, it has a detailed introduction and five modules on Energy, Food, Transport, Stuff we own and People Power, below gives some conference links and introduction or you can go direct to the course modules and downloaded from

Eco Pilgrim


Read about our ecocell workshops:
Housing and Energy -fairness for all, London on Saturday 24th January 2015.
Just Food, London on Saturday 18th January 2014.
Travel, from A to B, London on Saturday 12th January 2013.
ecocell day with George Marshall, London on Saturday 21st January 2012.

The ecocell programme, organised by Green Christian, can be seen as a journey, or pilgrimage. The final destination of this pilgrimage is sustainable living, in our personal lives.  When we reach it we will be living within the limits of the resources available on Earth, and of the Earth’s capacity to absorb our waste products, perhaps our greatest challenge in the 21st century. In practice this means action to avoid (further) climate destabilisation, species extinction and depletion of non-renewables.

Through ecocell we hope to fulfil our personal responsibilities to Creator and Creation. But, more importantly, we can use our personal demonstrations of what can be done to support campaigning at parochial and political levels.  People are more likely to listen to those who walk the talk.

ecocell can be undertaken as a group pilgrimage, to be travelled by groups of friends, neighbours, or church or faith group members. But, if you don’t know people willing to undertake the journey with you, ecocell can also be undertaken by individuals or families.

You don’t have to commit to the whole journey initially.  You have a number of options:

  • You can commence a journey of carbon free discipleship by studying and taking action with ‘Nine First Steps’.
  • You can undertake the more demanding ecocell programme (also explained below).
  • If you would like to consider a shorter programme – for instance for a church house group, lent group or advent group, you might like to consider undertaking one of the main modules ecocell – energy use in the home, food or travel – as a stand-alone programme.
  • Or you might like to consider undertaking one of the many other programmes with very similar aims, designed by other Christian or faith groups.  We would recommend this programme designed by Tony Hodgson, an ecocell supporter, for the church community of St Peter’s, Oundle, Northamptonshire.  Oundle Food Course in 6 sessions
  • If you are not able to undertake this journey yourself now, for instance because of other commitments, you can become an ecocell supporter, and you will receive emails about our events and our progress on the journey.

In ‘Nine First Steps’ we offer nine ways to live more gently on the Earth. We suggest you, or your group, tick the things that you already do and chose one or two things to work on each month.  Together you can learn further about the main issues that give rise to ecological damage, discuss the influences on our collective and individual behaviours, and take action to minimise those impacts. You can use the material in eocell – additional material which  provides prayers, poems, stories and group activities to help us reflect and to inspire us to action. We get further on a journey if we make it an exciting and interesting experience.

ecocell “Journeys in  carbon-free discipleship” is for those who are willing to take on the very demanding commitment of completing the journey to sustainability. We will commit ourselves to getting our carbon footprints down to the actual level required for sustainability. We will also ensure that we respect the laws of nature, in which we see the hand of our Creator, and the needs of the natural world, in all aspects of our lives.

ecocell is for people who have already started to make changes in their lives to cut their carbon footprint and live more sustainably. It will involve significant further learning, very committed action at the personal level, and at the local political level. In the ecocell modules we will be supported through prayer, poetry, stories and group activities, and by a range of resources available from Green Christian. We anticipate that this stage will take a period of about five years, to make the necessary changes in our lives.

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For a fuller description of the ecocell programme download The ecocell Concept .
ecocell  can be downloaded from