Enjoy summer – and put some GC leaflets in your church

Green Christian is an organisation made up of members who want to do more to look after God’s gift of the natural world – and one thing we can nearly all do is put a few leaflets in our local churches – especially local “Touristy” churches.  People have more time on holiday to reflect, and to wander round churches. If your church is not one that can be left open to the public, then find one that is, and ask if you can put a few leaflets there. Order a selection of printed leaflets from Jill .  –  or try downloading a few here, and printing them out.

I would be really grateful if you would have a go at printing the new leaflet “7Rs” and sending me your comments on whether it works or not on your printer. People have different home printers, and the margins and folding do not always work.  We are making some leaflets in the “Three-fold, or triptych format” useful for places that only have space for narrow leaflets.

Indeed comments on any of our leaflets, and what would be useful to you would be very welcome (email webeditor)


Even better, if there is space, put out some copies of Storm of Hope and back issues of Green Christian Magazine




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