Environmental Issues Network – EIN

The Environmental Issues Network (EIN) operates under the umbrella of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.  EIN is an active group working under CTBI.

Membership of EIN is drawn from the churches of Britain and Ireland along with agencies and associated bodies which have responsibility for advising on environmental and ecological issues, both national and global.

Each denomination can send two officers (and have 2 votes). Each “associated body” – e.g. CEL, Arocha, JRI, can have one vote.

Representatives meet together three times a year to enable the exchange of information, sharing of ideas and good practice and, where appropriate, fostering of joint/ecumenical initiatives.

CEL sends a representative to EIN meetings – normally either Judith Allinson or George Dow.

If you would like to know what happened at a recent EIN meeting do contact one of them.

Before the EIN Meeting, CEL’s secretary sends a report to EIN (as do the other participating organisations). This actually acts as a good precis of what CEL is doing.

e.g. CEL-Report-for-EIN-October-2013

In October 2013 George Dow gave a report to EIN about ecocell. Here is the  powerpoint presentation (only 313KB)

Some meetings are held at an establishment because it has especial “green interest”.


E.g. in June 2012 the EIN meeting was held at Dronfield Baptist Church, (near Sheffield,) Where the Church has worked on the Lea Brook Valley nature reserve project.








11 June 2013 it was held at Grassmarket Centre,Edinburgh, EH1 2QA. After the meeting which included a talk about green pilgrimages, we visited the workshop where they train people in woodwork, using wood from pews no longer needed in churches. It is here that the Eco-Congregation Plaques are made.



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