European Mobility Week 2019: 16-22 Sept and Car Free Sunday 22 Sept

European Mobility Week 2019 – 16-22 September

Green Christian encourages people to support National Car Free Day,

 Churches in Croydon supporting Car Free Sunday     in 1998

which is also European Car Free Day – Sat 22 Sept 2019

Note the interest this year in London Car Free Day

Should a church wish to organise their own Car Free Sunday, on some Sunday during the year, GC has some material which you may like to use

Even if your church cannot totally be Car Free for a Sunday – perhaps because cars are needed to transport disabled people to church, or because the vicar cannot physically get between two tightly scheduled services any other way – putting up posters or leaflets about CarFree Day is an excellent way to make people think, and to start discussions on this topic.

ETA and CEL The Environmental Transport Association (ETA) is a break-down service which also campaigns for the planet. to the ETA to find out more.

Sustainable Transport throughout the year

Solar powered Trebant built by a German Church

As Christians we should be concerned about the rightness of our actions and about the effect of these on the quality of life for other people. Our concerns must include those 30% of households in Britain which do not have access to a car for whatever reason.

Our decisions about transport ARE part of our Christian responsibility to simplify our lifestyles as good stewards of God’s creation, standing against

  • the wasting of resources
  • the dire effects of pollution, including aeroplane pollution
  • the disruption of people’s lives

How, throughout the year, can we show our Christian responsibility in our travelling? Consider implementing as many of these suggestions as you can.

  • Whenever you think of making a journey, ask yourself whether it is really necessary.
  • Walk or cycle all journeys of less than a mile, if you can.
  • For longer journeys, use the bus or train, and if you need a car, hire it at the other end.
  • Organize a car-sharing scheme.
  • Check if your church has a cycle-rack as well as a car park.
  • Put pressure on your local Council to give priority to people rather than vehicles, through traffic calming schemes, cycle facilities, pedestrian crossings, and lorry restrictions.
  • Continue to press the government to give higher priority to an integrated public transport system with simplified ticketing and easily accessible information, and to take firm measures to reduce car and lorry journeys.
  • If purchasing a parish or community bus choose one which is fuel efficient. In the future it may be possible to consider buying a gas powered bus or better electric which is less polluting.
  • If organizing a pilgrimage for a church group use public transport but try to avoid ecologically damaging jet travel.
  • When organizing a local church outing also avoid ecologically damaging travel.
  • Roll back a piece of asphalt from the church car park and let living trees and plants flourish.
  • Find out whether in your denomination the church leader gets an allowance for cycle mileage as well as car mileage.

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