EXPOSED: Anti Corruption Campaign: Join a vigil 14-20 Oct

exposed logoMuch ecological damage is carried out as a result of corruption.

Countries are getting better laws about protecting the environment – but laws are broken because so many people are corrupt.  e.g. poaching of rhinos and elephants; organising the trade of poached animals, and bribing officials; selling protected species as food; In the UK killing or deliberately preventing from breeding birds of prey such as the hen harrier. Not paying taxes; dodgy land deals.

It must be very hard when nearly everyone else gives and takes bribes not to join in. Let us pray for people trying to be honest in such situations.

Transparency is the in-word.

According to EXPOSED every year more than 1 trillion US dollars go missing from the global economy through bribes, dishonest deals and tax evasion, with poor people suffering most as a result.

The EXPOSED campaign is a coalition of Christian organisations including the Evanagellical alliance, the World Evangellical Alliance, Micah Challenge, the Bible Society and the Salvation Army.

Could a group of you  say at church or school or work organise a vigil during 14 -20 October? Let CEL know if you do!

Information on EXPOSED 2013: shining a light on corruption

Organize a vigil for EXPOSED 2013



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