Fair Wear and Fair Trade

What is the difference between Fair Wear and Fair Trade?

Green Christian ordered some T-shirts in August 2017 and the organic t-shirts supplied were “Fair Wear”

A web search showed some differences.



The focus of the Fairtrade Foundation is ensuring small producers receive an acceptable deal for their products when selling to large corporations. Concerned with a wide range of sectors (e.g. coffee, bananas, cocoa, cotton), the intention is to target and alleviate poverty affecting those at the bottom of the supply chain in developing countries.

Aiming to create better and fairer working conditions for manufacturing workers in the garment industry, Fair Wear Foundation pays particular attention to brand accountability at the middle and higher end of the supply chain, looking to ensure brands take responsibility for the surroundings in which their products are produced. Membership involves agreement to a set of ‘labour standards’… (see pdf above)

In the Shiftwork site comparison..  actually Fairtrade comes out slightly better on the environment than Fairwear,

However since we have chosen “Organic” we are doing a lot to help the environment.

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