Faith and the Environment Day in Lincoln

by Isobel Murdoch

Sitting in the garden of Edward King House, next to Lincoln Cathedral, in the May sunshine, I enjoyed the late spring plants and the view downhill to the city. I was attending a faith and environment day conference organised by Green Christian’s local contact in Lincoln, Geoff Stratford, with Sally Myers, Principal of the Lincoln School  of Theology and others: a thoughtful and positive event.

Interspersed between the different talks was the opportunity to hear from anyone representing a particular organisation. Those who came forward spoke about bodies like the Wildlife Trusts, but also about more local initiatives like Green Synergy (horticultural therapy and community gardens) and work on food waste & food poverty in Lincoln. These brief contributions interwove grassroots and practical responses with the themes covered by the main talks.

As we heard thorough the day – in these main talks – about soil and farms, about the Paris COP21 agreement, about marine biodiversity (a particular highlight) about ethical living, about ecotheology across the world, and about the limits to growth, on particular thread ran thorough the whole. We are called to respond with hope in our communities and in a world which prioritises the individual, church may be community.




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Comments on "Faith and the Environment Day in Lincoln"

Geoff Stratford:

June 7, 2016

Thank you for this write-up and feedback to our conference, Isobel. We hope that the event will have been the next step in a growing faith response to environmental crises. Since the conference we have already agreed to hold another one (provisionally 13th May 2017), and to set up a "working group" to support moving forward together. If anyone would like to be kept informed and/ or linked to our network, or receive summaries of the presentations made at the conference, do please contact me: Geoff

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