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Faith is at the heart of Green Christian.

We affirm our belief in God as Creator of all things and in Jesus Christ as Lord, looking to the Holy Spirit for guidance through the Scriptures, and seeking to hear the Spirit in the challenges of the present time.

It is because we believe that God is creator of all things that we have come to see that the way we are living is destroying God’s precious gift to us.

It is because we believe that God was incarnate in Jesus Christ that we grieve our denial of that destruction and our complicity with the lifestyle which causes it.

It is because we believe in the redemptive power of Christ that we name the ecological crisis as the symptom of a deeper spiritual crisis that we hope.  Hope is born not as the cheap sense that God will make all things better, but as the stormy struggle to resist the status quo and live in a radically new way of discipleship in Christ.

It is because we believe in the wildfire storm of Hope, the Holy Spirit, that we are inspired to act to safeguard our planet as a means of following the way of the Cross.

Faith is at the heart of Green Christian and so GC co-operates with all those of faith or no faith whose concern is for the well-being of, and justice for, not only people but the whole earth community.

Our major campaigns over the years have been inspired by this robust faith and spirituality.

Operation Noah started as a GC campaign, action concerning climate change.

The LOAF food campaign continues, action concerning the sacredness of all things.

The ecocell programmes 1 and 2 are lifestyle actions towards low carbon discipleship, to lessen our impact on the earth and live more joyously on it.

We have a monthly prayer guide which has been written by Philip Webb for the last 22 years. This is circulated amongst GC members and friends in many different ways, visit the prayer guide page to see this month’s prayer guide and find back issues.

There is also a Community of Prayer who have prayers from the prayer guide sent to them by email on a daily basis. To join the Community of Prayer contact Jo Rathbone (

The Lectionary provides green pointers for preachers i.e. Ecological Notes on the Common Worship Lectionary (Principal Service Readings) by Keith Innes.  The lectionary is linked to the Vanderbilt Divinity Library to enable easy reading of the bible passages for the relevant Sunday.

Green Christian has amassed over the years a wealth of Worship Materials which are freely available for download. They have been organised so it is easy to browse by prayers, sermons, hymns, plays and liturgies.