Green Christian Festival 2020

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Re-imagining the Promised Land

Green Christian online Festival,  23rd-25th October 2020

Covid-19 has brought dark times, yet we have seen positives emerge through lockdown: breathing space for nature, renewed community spirit, a focus on the local.

Green Christian’s Re-imagining the Promised Land online Festival will inspire us to reimagine a good future for ourselves and all Creation, through worship, reflection, workshops on politics and activism, creativity, and discussion.  Join us as we craft a new narrative amid pandemic and planetary emergency.

See the detailed programme here:

This free festival kicks off with the Annual Members’ Meeting at 5pm on Friday 23 October, an introduction to Green Christian’s work and mission, open to members and non-members alike. Other events during the weekend include:

  •  a panel discussion with Sir Jonathon Porritt and Bishop James Jones (Green Christian patrons), Cleo Lake (former Lord Mayor of Bristol and Green Party Councillor), Melanie Nazareth (Barrister and Christian Climate Action member), Jeremy Williams (author and activist, and Joy in Enough)
  • a conversation with Revd Frances Ward, author of “Like There’s No Tomorrow”, exploring how to let go of unsustainable certainties in order to find renewed confidence to speak and act effectively and faithfully
  •  exploring Nature and Imagination with Rob Hopkins (Transition Movement)
  • A Better Future: Politics and Practicalities, with Rebecca Willis (author of “Too Hot to Handle; the democratic challenge of climate change” and Expert lead for Climate Assembly UK), Rachel Mander (Hope for the Future), and Green Christian members Geoff Stratford (local activist) and Jenny Cooke (sustainable transport engineer).
  •  poetry, nature, climate and activism with eco-poets Caleb Parkin (Bristol’s City Poet) and Carrie Etter (poet, writer and Reader in Creative Writing)
  •  an exploration of Climate, Carbon and Land Use
  • and a good amount of time for discussion and for meeting up with like-minded people! There will be opportunities to ask questions of the speakers, as well as to engage in conversation with fellow attendees.

Please book through Eventbrite. This Zoom event is free of charge, though donations through our website are welcome to cover costs.  

See the detailed programme here:   or download the programme as a docx file here:

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