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What motivates you?  Are you motivated by fear, guilt or duty?  For something immediate, like a car careering towards you, fear is probably a good motivator for getting out of the way, but what about long term, invisible things like climate change?

A recent report by the Climate Outreach Information Network (COIN) concluded that one of the best ways to frame climate change is to tie it to what people love.  COIN conducted narrative workshops in four British cities to determine the most powerful climate change frames across four key audiences: small ‘c’ conservatives, members of trade unions, ‘community optimists’ and NGOs. Although they were so different, all four audiences held some of the same core values of empathy, open-mindedness and honesty, and the most popular frame for all four groups was that which focused on how things people love are threatened by climate change.

Guided by this work, the UK’s Climate Coalition, a network of over 100 organisations, launched their new national climate campaign with the message ‘For the love of … let’s do something about climate change’. Different groups in the Coalition are able to tailor this message to their audiences by filling in the blank with something their constituents care about. For example, one group might use the message ‘For the love of our global neighbors’, while another might use the message ‘For the love of Britain’s beautiful seasons’.

For me, it’s my love for what I believe to be God’s world, and for my children, that motivates me to do something about climate change.

How about you?  Unless you love mosquitoes and cockroaches, what you love is quite likely to be threatened by our changing of the climate.

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