Fossil Free Nativity comes to Methodist Central Hall!

Saturday 6th December 2014 saw actors and activists assemble for Christian Climate Action’s Fossil Free Nativity in front of Methodist Central Hall in London.

The Methodist Church along with the Church of England will decide in 2015 whether or not to disinvest from fossil fuels.  Christian Climate Action wanted to celebrate their willingness to join the growing number of Churches and institutions prepared to withdraw their financial interest in the destruction of the climate.

                        What’s that you say?  Do my ears deceive?
                        Rumours of a fossil free C of E?
                        Perhaps with Bishops on the ball
                        There is some good news after all!
                        And like a branch snatched from the fire
                        it’s not just these Bishops that conspire.
                        Knowing cleanliness is next to Godliness
                        Methodists ponder whether to disinvest.


The Fossil Free Nativity is a fairly standard Nativity play featuring all the professionalism and production values you might expect from a primary school production except there are a few variations and some Fossil Free Carols.FossilFree620x461

                       Bad King Herod once looked out
                        Of his bedroom window
                        Saw the sky was filled with fire
                        Wondered what should he do
                        Called BP and EDF
                        In they walked together
                        Said there was no climate change
                        Only dodgy weather

The cast pose for a final photo inside Methodist Central Hall with Charles Wesley himself, who called for the ethical use of money.


If you want to have a read then look here for the script.

You can watch the video here and the final song here.

For more information about Christian Climate Action then why not look us up on Facebook or email Come to our training day – NVDA and the Gospel on January 10th!
Report by Church Times

Westley Ingram

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