Friday 7pm Panel: Re-imagining the Future

Part of our Online Festival October 2020. See other sessions.

Sir Jonathon Porritt

Jonathon Porritt is a writer, broadcaster and commentator on sustainable development. He was Co-chair of the Green Party in the 1980s, a former director of Friends of the Earth, and was Chairman of the UK Sustainable Development Commission from 2000-2009, providing high-level advice to Government Ministers. He has been a Trustee of WWF-UK (1991-2005) and a member of the Board of the South West Regional Development Agency (1999-2008). In 1996, he co-founded Forum for the Future, one of the UK’s leading sustainable development charity. The Forum has a growing presence in the United States, India, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Jonathon has been Chancellor of Keele University since 2012. He is also Visiting Professor at Loughborough University and UCL. Recent books are ‘Capitalism As If The World Matters’ (2007) and ‘The World We Made’ (2013) – and most recently “Hope in Hell: a decade to confront the climate emergency”.

Melanie Nazareth

Melanie Nazareth, is a barrister and mother of four teenagers and young adults who are going to be living with consequences of the broken world we have created. She bumped into Extinction Rebellion and Christian Climate Action on her way to work in April last year, and was surprised to find that God had her down as an activist. The journey that followed has led her to take a break from the law to do an MA in Theology, Ecology and EthicsShe spent her childhood in the Solomon Islands in the Western Pacific where rising sea levels resulting from global heating have already caused islands to be abandoned, her own reminder that climate breakdown is not some future event.

Cleo Lake

Cleo Lake is the former Lord Mayor of Bristol (2018-2019) and was elected as a Councillor for Cotham (2016-2021) serving as Deputy Green Group Leader within that term and an MEP Candidate. Cleo has established her political reputation as a strong social justice advocate and campaigner particularly regarding anti austerity and issues effecting African heritage communities including reparations. 

Recently Cleo has launched the Afrikan AF Podcast alongside Ghanaian TV presenter and communications professional Aaron Ayiih; an online supplementary school for children ‘School of I.E’ and has been part of forming an Assembly for African Caribbean heritage youth in Bristol. 

Jeremy Williams

Jeremy grew up in Madagascar and Kenya, which gave him a passion for both the natural world and for social justice. He trained as a journalist, and now works as a freelance writer and campaigner, working with a variety of agencies including RSPB, Oxfam, WWF and Tearfund – and Green Christian’s Joy in Enough programme. He is the co-author of The Economics of Arrival, editor of Christian Climate Action’s handbook Time to Act, and runs The Earthbound Report, which has been recognised as Britain’s leading green blog. He lives in Luton with his wife Louise, who is a BBC radio journalist, and two children.

Bishop James Jones

Bishop James is a Green Christian Patron and former Bishop of Liverpool. He is sending us a recorded message to launch our Festival Panel.



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Mark Dick:

October 22, 2020

To Sir Jonathon Porritt - how have your views evolved from "Capitalism: as if the world matters" 2005 unto "Hope in Hell" 2020?

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