From A to B? Or making A a good place to Be? (Publicity)

A workshop on sustainable transport

– and minimising the need for travel in the first place   (Advert)

Who for

  • members of Christian Ecology Link and its ecocell programme
  • all who are interested in sustainable transport and in viewing it from a faith perspective

Saturday 12th January 2013, 10.45 am to 4.30pm
What – themes covered

  • Looking to the future: Projection of the effect of a much, much higher oil price on transport, travel practices and the potential for localisation.
  • Localisation: Examples of communities which have achieved a much greater degree of local provision for local need. How that can be achieved without becoming narrow-minded and insular? A Christian perspective on living locally.
  • Community action: Examples from mainland Europe demonstrating how local travel systems can enhance, rather than restrict and distort, community life. Cities like Vauban (Freiberg), Hamburg, Copenhagen and Groningen.
  • Journey as pilgrimage: ensuring that the travel we do is a meaningful experience. A prayerful reflection to complete the workshop.

Who: contributors to the workshop include –

Dr Steve Melia, University of the West of England, researcher and campaigner on ‘car free’ urban developments and on low impact transport systems.

Oli Griffiths, George Dow and Tony Emerson of the South London ecocell 2 group.

How much: free – but donations welcome at the door.

Where: St Aloysius Church Hall, 20 Phoenix Road, Euston, London NW1 1TA – but you need to book a place in advance. Email or phone Tony on 020 8769 4078


Please print out this Flyer to hand out to people in your church or your other circles and networks who might be interested.




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