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Joy in Enough

Joy in Enough has its own website here. Do consider the Plenty! course for your church group:

Joy in Enough Wednesday talks

All the events are on the 3rd or 4th Wednesday of every month at 7pm.

Read more about the Plenty! Programme.  

Joy in Enough (JiE) is a Green Christian project which is a challenge to Christians, and an invitation to all people of good will, to join in building a just economy within the ecological limits of the Earth.

Our current economic model is failing both people and planet. The twin scandals of global climate change and biodiversity loss are symptoms of that failure  The warning lights are flashing red as environmental damage increases, debt and inequality levels rise, and communities and wellbeing are eroded.

We are not powerless in the face of these challenges. A better economic system is possible, one that respects planetary boundaries and puts human needs ahead of profit.

Joy in Enough (JiE), with support from the funding of the Passionists, provides a Christian perspective to the wider New Economics movement. We point people towards finding and engaging with organisations that both share our vision of a non-exploitative and sustainable economy and value the concept of “joy in enough”. Christians have a key role in modelling a way of life that respects the environment and serves others, finding fulfilment in what we have and not always wanting more.  We offer study materials, talks and stories about current events, movements and activities which offer a vision of the future we want to see. We provide resources for people to decide what they can do, at a personal, community, national and global level, to challenge effectively our current way of living and bring about the changes needed in our economy, and wider society,.

Awakening to a New Economics, a vision paper for a fair and sustainable economy and the core document for Joy in Enough, was published online in 2018.