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Joy in Enough has its own website here. Do consider the Plenty! course for your church group:

Joy in Enough Wednesday talks

The Joy in Enough team is running a series of Zoom-based events until April 2022. We hope both that these will be of interest to all members of Green Christian, and others sympathetic to its aims, and that they will be particularly relevant to those who want further information on topics covered by Plenty! after taking that programme

All the events are on the 3rd or 4th Wednesday of every month at 7pm.

Read more about the Plenty! Programme.  

Joy in Enough (JiE) is a Green Christian project which is a challenge to Christians in Britain, and an invitation to all people of good will, to join in building a just economy within the ecological limits of the Earth.

Our current economic model is failing both people and planet. The warning lights are flashing red as environmental damage increases, debt and inequality levels rise, and communities and wellbeing are eroded.

We are not powerless in the face of these challenges. A better economic system is possible, one that respects planetary boundaries and puts human needs ahead of profit. We are working towards that fair and sustainable economy, and working with the church to add a Christian voice to the growing calls for change.

Our aims for the next phase of the project are that the Churches in the UK will act at personal, parochial and political levels:-

  • Christians will recognise that they represent a unique alternative vision of humanity. This vision can then unlock the transition to a fair and sustainable economy. This vision can give narratives. These narratives (stories) will help give solutions.
  • Christians will engage from this standpoint with issues of economic justice and sustainability. They will generate substantial coverage and debate in Christian media about the vision and objectives of Joy in Enough.

Joy in Enough’s project components include the web site, relaunched in February 2020, and a developing small group discussion resource, ‘Plenty!’.  Local Facilitators are needed to run small group session using these cards. Could that be you?

In 2018 and 2019 Green Christian, (in cooperation with other local organisations) ran seven Green Christian on the Road Day conferences/workshops. Each of these included an hour or longer sessions on Joy in Enough Activities. It is intended to hold several more in 2020

Awakening to a New Economics, a vision paper for a fair and sustainable economy and the core document for Joy in Enough, was published online in 2018

Below is some background and further information about Joy in Enough and some useful articles for reading.

Our current economic model is exhibiting signs of system failure.   It is now characterised by –

  • Escalating damage to the global climate and other life-support systems
  • extreme and increasing inequality
  • increasing levels of indebtedness, systemically promoted by the financial institutions
  • the barrage of advertising and the relentless pressure to purchase and consume
  • the lack of work-life balance: under/unemployment for some people co-existing with very long-hours working for others
  • reduction in family time, neighbourliness and community involvement – the factors that contribute most to our well-being

Joy in Enough (JiE) is led by Green Christian and supported by many other faith and environmental organisations, including A Rocha and SPEAK.  Together we seek to:

  1. Reclaim a voice for people and planet in economic discourse.  We will re-purpose economics to deliver a just and sustainable society.
  2. Read the signs of the times and make a critical appraisal of the prevailing model.  We join in the international call to integrate faith, ecology and the economy, to which a growing number of Christian communities subscribe.
  3. Reflect on our sources of faith in order to find a true place for the economy in creation, to hear the mission to which the churches are called, and to engage with others who find themselves similarly challenged by their own faith or tradition.
  4. Form a vision for a genuinely sustainable economy which promotes ecological, social, psychological and moral flourishing.
  5. Stoke debate for change in churches, and with citizens, government and business, on specific policy measures to make it a reality.

Background reading on Joy in Enough

Five Working Groups (WGs) discussed the different requirements for the transition to an economy that promotes well-being sustainably. More information on the five  themes can be found on the Working Groups page. These working groups fed ideas into the issues which we developed and raised through our conferences in March 2014 and November 2015