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Why use your LOAF?

LOAF stands for food that is Locally produced, Organically grown, Animal friendly or Fairly traded.

L = Locally Produced – helping community and neighbour

We believe that God created the Earth and its seasons. There is a time and a season for everything and there are moral choices in what we eat.

O = Organically Grown – taking care of the Earth

We have a duty to care for the soil and water on which we depend. In the Genesis story Adam was created from the soil of the earth. We share our planet with the diverse creatures that make up the Earth community, including the millions of creatures that live in the soil.

A = Animal Friendly – avoiding abuse

We have responsibilities from God for looking after animals (Lk. 12.6). Abundant life for all demands that we produce our food in ways which nurture that life.

F = Fairly traded – creating social justice

We are called to act justly and not exploit the poor. Our neighbour is everyone anywhere in the world that we interact with. Farmers and producers overseas and in the UK deserve a fair price for their produce.