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L = Locally Produced – helping community and neighbour

We believe that God created the Earth and its seasons. There is a time and a season for everything and there are moral choices in what we eat.

We live with an amazing amount of choice and variety in our supermarkets. However, the transport of food from around the world is a leading contributor to climate change. Our local farmers are struggling to compete in a global market, and overseas farmers are under pressure to produce food for export leaving little land and water for their own crops. Rainforests have been cleared to grow food for export, devastating the environment.

By choosing food that is grown locally, we can provide a good livelihood to local producers, and cut down on fossil fuel emissions. We will also discover the joy of seasonal eating: strawberries and
apricots are a summer treat, pears in the autumn and brussel sprouts are a winter speciality. We can remember God’s amazing goodness as we think more carefully about where our food has come from.

Tip: sign up to a local veggie box scheme. For seasonal food choices visit:

LOAF stands for food that is Locally produced, Organically grown, Animal friendly or Fairly traded.